About me:

Hey! I'm now a freelance, working for i-Logs. If you are looking for assistance on subversion or custom development in PHP, I'm for hire.

I grew up in Brussels, Belgium, but I've been working for the past few years as the Quality Control and Support Manager for SIDE International. SIDE, now part of a largest group called Eastnets, is specialized in the development of software for the IT infrastructure of the financial world. To the international financial community, SIDE proposes a range of software which contribute in fighting against money laundering (AML), as well as a range of software completing SWIFT's offers.

As part of my duties, I'm managing quite a few Subversion repositories and really enjoy it.






A word about Webout: Although it seems that Webout is already used to name some technologies (Google is your friend), I found the word webout by contacting the words web and about. It has nothing to do with the above technologies.

Who are Melicerte and Learque?

Usually, when a username is required (other than an email address) I use either Melicerte or Learque. Find out more about them here (You'll need to digg a bit to find something about Learque).


Thank you http://bitbots.net for bringing Jottit to live.

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